Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Strategist

Three things you would like to achieve: Raising my children with respect, dignity and as much joy as possible Create a business that inspires people well beyond my home-town borders Keep on loving what I do and doing it well 


Your proudest moment, personally: Looking at my two children playing freely on the beach with my crazy dog... simply enjoying life with no worries and feeling secure and joyful


What is the riskiest thing you have ever done? Starting Lexabi Communications. As a single mom, it was a scary endeavour but my confidence in myself and what I do made it a no brainer. Still scared but in the depths of my soul, I know this is going to work. 


Tell us about any award or honours you have received? The best one I ever received was for producing the 'New Pioneers' book with Women's Enterprise Centre.


Are there any social / political issues you feel passionately about? Animals... it sickens me to think people touch animals cruelly and with malice... I just can't get it. 


What makes you laugh? My dog, kids and girlfriends. There's always a belly laugh waiting to be had


Who inspires you and why? People who do. Rather than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself or complaining about how bad things are, people that simply make a change that makes them feel better or do better... that inspires me greatly. 


The name of your business? Lexabi Communication FYI: Alexander is my son (Lex) and Abigale is my daughter (Abi) - my fav story to tell! 


What does your business do:  We are a Digital Communications Firm specializing in Social Media, Email Marketing, Blogging and Digital Design 


When and how did you get started in this field? 

I got started in advertising/publishing in my early 20's with the Kelowna Capital News. I was a graphic designer and started a website development firm when I turned 30


What sets your business apart from others in the same field? How is your business different? My business is drastically different because of the length of my career and experiences. I've grown with this industry and understand how it works. I don't just tell people they have to get on Facebook... I explain how it all works together for a complete digital footprint and that it all needs to happen it bite sized fashion. 


Proudest moment, professionally  Receiving recognition for the 'New Pioneer' book with the Women's Enterprise Center. It was an amazing project with amazing people and the end result was a book I will be proud of forever. 


What constitutes success for you, in business? Reaching my goals - both personally and professionally. At this moment in time, being available for my children when they need me has already made me a success. When they don't need me so much, my success will simply be freedom.


Final Thoughts:I guess what I want people to know most about me is that my career has always been very important to me. That is, until my kids came into my life. I feel so fortunate to be in an industry that has taught me so much and allowed me to make a decent living doing what I love. Starting out with the Capital News as a graphic designer, owning a website development firm, teaching at local colleges, working with the Women’s Enterprise Centre and Okanagan Regional Library – it’s been such a great journey and it’s not close to being over! 25 years later, I have two beautiful children and a career I’m just so grateful for. I get to work with amazing people all around the world and share strategies that work in this industry and help people grow the business that they are passionate about – it’s very exciting! 








A Q&A with Digital Marketing Strategist

Andrea Lindal 

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March 4, 2015


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Andrea Lindal is another woman supporting women - and any business person.  She uses the power of social media to help businesses gain free exposure.  In February, she did a #ShowSomeLOVE campaign highlighting businesses doing extra special things and Liz Seorgel - our last Wednesday Woman - was her first feature!


Andrea's ebook, "50 ways to generate your 'will-be' customer, using digital communications" will be available for free in a couple of weeks, so check back on her website regularly.  


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