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Spring Into Action

Story by Dr. Cristina Caperchone, BHK, MHK, PHD


With the lingering idea of longer days, filled with warm sunshine and fresh air, many of us are getting excited for what lies ahead! We have been patiently waiting to hear those magic words that instantly raise our spirits, and remind us that winter has finally come to an end. Those three simple, yet wonderful words; SPRING HAS ARRIVED!





Keeping Fit & Active During an Okanagan Winter

Story by Dr. Cristina Caperchionem BHK, MHK, PHD


As the days become shorter and the air crisper, we are quickly reminded of the winter season fast approaching. During this time, many of us find it difficult to stay motivated when it comes to being active or eating well, and why not, as sitting in front of the fireplace sipping hot chocolate or enjoying a beautiful pinot noir from the Okanagan Region, seems much more enticing than braving the winter elements.


The Epic Journey of Dealing with Cancer

Story by Dona Sturmanis

Photos contributed


The Big C, a friend and me. Dona Sturmanis shares her personal journey and that of her good friend Claire Gestel, both of whom were diagnosed with breast cancer.




Ancient Practice, Modern Medicine: Midwifery in the Okanagan

Story by Shannon Linden


Less than a century ago most Canadian children were born at home and they weren’t delivered by a doctor. A female relation, often taught by the mother before her, coached a woman through labour, employing ancient techniques to ease the pain and encourage the birth. She was called a midwife and “catching” babies was her calling.


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