Jennifer Turton Molgat's Bling



The View Winery’s Jennifer Molgat wondered if you could appeal to people with wine in the form of a six-pack. With the introduction of “Bling” she very quickly had her answer.

Yes. You can. Pun intended.

With the winery’s operations split between making fine wine and crafting and canning Wards Hard Cider, the idea just kept coming back to her.

Wouldn’t it be fun to sell some wine in a can? Better still why not a bubbly?

“To be honest I was a little bit afraid of what the reaction might be”, says Molgat about the debut of her sparkling wine in a can. “Would people see the packaging as an indication of lesser quality?”

Pushing those doubts aside, she and her colleagues at The View decided to adopt the theory that our wine region is ready for it. “There’s a confidence about the region that lends itself to trying new things. We’re seeing quality wine on-tap and in boxes. 

Why not in cans?”

The plan was set in place. Create a lower-in-alcohol wine using high quality grapes and bubbles to make it fun. The first cans of Bling rolled off the canning line in the spring of 2013. Any lingering doubt soon vanished. Bling was a hit. By the time August rolled around it was sold out. By then, the wine in a can had taken on the role of the woman’s answer to the six-pack. The perfect fit at a nice barbeque. And golf courses started inquiring about it, just as supplies were running out.

But it’s not just the product’s portability that appeals to its new fans.

“There are some fabulous benefits to the single-serve can”, notes Molgat. “You don’t have to commit to a whole bottle of bubbly to indulge.”




For 2014 and 2015, production has ramped up to match the surprisingly strong demand. Production of the Sparkling White Wine Spritzer has been doubled. And The View has also introduced a Pink Bling. With the Rosé version of the product it represents a 400 percent increase in production volume.

“It’s incredibly gratifying when you come up with a product people really like”, says Molgat. “We’ve had a lot of success at The View since we started making our own table wines in 2006. But that success has always been incremental. This? Well this is something else. I guess you’d call it exponential.”

Bling comes in a stylish feminine can, and generally appeals to women, but discussions are underway for an alternative more masculine option for male admirers.

“Or maybe just a specially designed koozie to cover up their secret pleasure.” Wonder`s Molgat. “I know men are drinking it.”

Bling is available in private liquor stores throughout BC and Alberta and at The View’s wineshop.

Can you appeal to people with wine in the form of a six-pack..