Business woman and Educational Leader in Cancer Prevention

"My passion has always been education and my work in cancer prevention was just a job. But as I get closer to the age of my parents when their lives ended due to cancer (Dad was 59, Mom was 63) I have become more passionate about my work in cancer prevention and I feel honoured to have this platform. We are starting to see progress in the world of cancer. In 1990, you only had a 50% chance of surviving a battle with cancer; today your chances have increased to 70% for cancers overall. The most common cancer for men - prostate, has a 98% survival rate; the most commen cancer for women - breast, has a 88% survival rate. Treatments have improved so much that what we do now is unrecognizable from the treatment methods used 10 years ago. There is much progress .... And hope!"  Karen Barnstable


3 things you want to achieve

1. Create more awareness of the 5 lifestyle factors that prevent more than 50% of cancers. 2. Encourage more regulations around use of pesticides and other known carcinogens. 3 . Gain more knowledge about the benefits of trees and plants that keep us healthy.


Your proudest moment, personally

Completing my Masters degree at the age of 50. (After starting it twice before and quitting because of life interruptions.)


What is the riskiest thing you have ever done

Travel to Europe by myself.


Tell us about any award or honours you have received

Published two teaching booklets and contributed to two books on innovations in learning.


Are there any social / political issues you feel passionately about?

Seeing more progress towards the prevention of cancer.


What makes you laugh?

Witty texts from my husband, my two sons, my daughters in law, and silly faces made by granddaughter.


Who inspires you and why?

Women who don't hold back and do courageous things that inspire us along the way.



Proudest moment, professionally

Completion of www.Hi5living.com


What constitutes success for you, in business?:

A break through in new information about cancer prevention.



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Wednesday's Woman

April 15, 2015

Karen Barnstable and her trusted woodle, Wally heading out for the annual Run/Walk for Breast Cancer