Coco's carries a wide selection of styles and cuts of beautiful gowns and cocktail dresses, Casual cruise, Prom and Bridal, Mother of Bride/Groom, Flower girl dresses.

Karena Fredrickson

Entrepreneur, Fashionista


Your proudest moment, personally: There are a few proud moments in my life but none can compare the pride I have for my children who are themselves sharp businessmen. They are the reason I work for a measure of success, they dream of success for me just as I dream of it for them 


What is the riskiest thing you have ever done? Moved to British Columbia, not knowing anyone, to open a gown company.    



What makes you laugh? I am a happy person, and I have a great sense of humor. I can find a little humor in most everything, and it always rubs off on the people around me. I have earned many friends in the short time I have been here, and love to laugh with people and animals! 


Who inspires you and why? I am genuinely inspired by almost every individual I meet. I live in an area of this country where the general population consists of poets, writers, painters, trades people, educators, magazine editors, train enthusiasts... There is no end to the inspiration that lies within the Okanagan corridor. 


What does your business do: Unique dresses, gowns and accessories. Foundation garments and jewelry. Vintage style women's fashion and authorized retail dealer for Red Coral women's fashion. 


Why did you get started in this business?: I am semi retired and just wanted to bring a little sparkle on the street in Summerland. I always had an interest in unique formal attire, and made it my goal to offer the best selection in the Okanagan. 


What sets Coco's apart from others in the same field? How is your business different?  My product is what sets me apart from other businesses. Formal wear, being an expensive product to stock and becoming more and more a hard sell to the public, I think many assume that it is a commodity not in demand. It's all about educating the public and showing them what can be found in the little community of Summerland.


Proudest moment, professionally  Opening day on a little main street in Summerland, BC. 


What constitutes success for you, in business?  I think, success in the Okanagan is hard earned. It is a feast or famine between tourist season and the off season. My idea of success is to be able to remain optimistic and positive during the slow times that plague all business, and still be excited to turn the key and see what the day will bring. I keep telling myself that success will come, one day at a time. I have a long way to go yet to accomplish what I have set out to do with CoCo's and one foot in front of the other is the only way to succeed. I guess what I am saying is that as long as I can continue move forward, I am measuring small bits of successes that come from hard work and a little bit of dreaming. 


Final Thoughts:  I came to the Okanagan to retire from a lifetime of steel work in Alberta. As a young person, capable and strong, this earned me a good living, but as the years went on, accidents, incidents and job assignments took its toll on my physical being. After 27 years in the oil and gas industry I left with half the mobility I used to have. I chose the Okanagan because I was tired of the cold in Alberta and for such long stretches because it would render me almost immobile. Why Summerland?... well if you can live in a place called Summerland...why would you want to live anywhere else! 



Coco's Fashion & Finery

9910 Main Street, Summerland, BC


Business Phone: 778-516-2600 


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It’s been a stressful year for Karena Fredrickson of Coco’s Boutique in Summerland.  Just after opening her formal wear boutique, she was faced with some serious health concerns.  But Karena is a fighter with a strong work ethic – and work has sustained her throughout her ordeal.  She has been focussing on bringing in new lines like fun Luvshoes and a spring/summer cruise line Cocco Bella from Italy. She’s geared up for a full prom season with about 180 styles on the showroom floor. 


Coco's, Fashion for Every Event, Summerland

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