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3 things you would like to achieve: Three things I want to achieve would be a healthy work/play balance, for my business to achieve a $100 000 charitable goal for my community and to visit at least 10 more different countries before I'm too old to travel


Your proudest moment, personally: My proudest moment/event would be having the courage to move across the country at a young age, leaving friends and family behind and making my way in a new city. That decision was a difficult one for me but has ultimately led me to where I am today


What is the riskiest thing you have ever done?  ooooh... well I'll admit I'm not a huge risk taker but I do like the feeling of being taken out of my comfort zone. I like to stretch myself a little every day. I try to embrace the little things that scare me (like talking to large groups of people or learning something I may think is out of my range of ability.) 



Are there any social / political issues you feel passionately about? There are many social and political issues that I am passionate about but most importantly I feel we need to get involved, vote and give back to our community - bloom where you grow.  


What makes you laugh? Anyone who can laugh at themselves (myself included!) and my dogs... they are hilarious


Who inspires you and why? My husband - he operates with such integrity and determination. He sets high standards for himself and is always striving for more. I'm blessed to have him in my life. 


What does your business do: Commercial and portrait photography


When and how did you get started in this field? I have been doing photography for 19 years now. I got started in high school and never looked back! My high school art teacher - Ms. Lane - knew my family didn't have money for an SLR camera so she lent me her personal camera for the whole year. That opportunity made it possible for me to fall in love with the art of photography. I am forever grateful to her.


What sets your business apart from others in the same field? How is your business different? I focus heavily on using my skills as a photographer to give back to my community through projects and fundraisers.


Proudest moment, professionally  My proudest moment would be the publication of my first book "Children of the Okanagan." I proved to myself that I could do it and would do it again and again, so far raising over $45 000 for charity.


What constitutes success for you, in business?  Success in business for me, means creating an experience for my clients that makes them want to tell others about what it is that I do.


Final Thoughts: I believe that an attitude of gratitude is the most important thing we can remember to have. Nothing I have or have done is accomplished by me alone. Without God's grace and the help of many people around me - I am nothing.

A Conversation with Liz 

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February 25, 2015

What if helping out sick kids at Kelowna General Hospital were as easy as smiling for a camera?  It can be in a fundraiser speareheaded by photographer, Elizabeth Tremblay (Soergel) and Aviva Studios.


Tremblay is currently working on her 4th edition of "Children of the Okanagan."  To date, she has raised over $45,000 with this project and is looking forward to raising more money for the children's ward at KGH through the "Have a Heart" radiothon with support from 99.9 Sun FM and 101.5 EZ Rock. Each page in this beautiful book features a different child, photographed by Tremblay in an outdoor location in the Okanagan between now and August.


Tremblay's inspiration for the project came after the birth of her daughter, Lauren.  When Lauren was born, she inhaled amniotic fluid which makes breating extremely difficult for newborns.  It can result in death if not treated immediately.  Tremblay and her family were grateful to the doctors and nurses who saved Lauren's life and want to make sure other families receive excellent care in the Okanagan.



Liz & Lauren


Tremblay's book has room for up to 100 children and each photo session will focus on the child's individual personality. Tremblay is waiving the normal sitting fee and asking parents to make a $100 donation to the KGH foundation for each child that is to appear in the book. All funds raised go towards children's care at KGH.  Completed books will be available in early December in time for the holidays. Partial proceeds of book sales are also being donated to the KGH Foundation. 


Aviva Studios


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Twitter handle: @AvivaStudios

Children of the Okanagan - Book Cover