We are Persons!

OTTAWA—Thanks to the profound convictions and perseverance of five extraordinary Alberta women who long campaigned to have women recognized as persons, an important battle was won on October 18, 1929. On that day, women were constitutionally declared “persons,” making them eligible to be appointed to the Senate. At the time, it was a great victory for women and for our country. And that change in status would ultimately change things for generations of Canadians to come.


So where are we now, 86 years later? Tremendous progress has certainly been made with respect to women’s rights and gender equality. While today we may take these notions for granted, we must continue to work collectively to ensure real equality of opportunity and the active participation of women in every sphere of society.

Persons Day is an opportunity for us to reaffirm this right to equality and to remember those five courageous women who paved the way to improving the status of women in Canada.

David Johnston


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