The Cover Story - a look behind the scenes

Let’s be honest…. our front covers are divine!

So, how do we achieve such amazing results?

Well, quite simply, we work with local talented professionals throughout the Okanagan Valley, like the Colin, Jenny and Ramona, who worked so diligently to bring our “Ice Queen” to life.

Colin Ford, Brand Director for Loyal Hair, styled our model’s gorgeous locks. With comb and hair spray in hand, he morphed the beautiful Alyssa into our vision. Colin was also responsible for the luxurious wardrobe. A stunning silver fox fur which adorned Alyssa’s shoulders.

Jenny Kamoschinski, the photographer behind the shoot, is an impressive lifestyle photographer. Her professionalism brought confidence and poise to this magical image.

Ramona Satar, a professional makeup artist from Kelowna, created this sensational, cool, crisp image, bringing the ice queen to life with sparkling eyes, strong eyebrows and chilling lips.

Fabulous job…. well done team!

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