Dress It Up Holiday Hair

The holidays are just around the corner and who has time to spend in the hair salon (heck, we barely have time to shop for gifts).

This is the time when we need quick transformations after our work day, before heading out to the company Christmas party, a friend’s cocktail gathering or a family get together. So, to help you out this year, we have 5 great hair ideas that are not only party-appropriate, but are easily mastered with a few simple steps. Now that’s cause for celebration!


Here’s a holiday hair accessory we can get behind.

After prepping damp hair with Kerastase Mousse

Bouffant, create volume in the hair by blow drying with a large round brush. Loosely backcomb all your hair to help create texture. Rub a small amount of Baume Double Jeu into your hands and using your fingers direct your hair away from your face.

Drape a headband over the hair. Use bobby pins to secure it.

Add beads, jewels or satin ribbon to decorate a simple headband is is a great opportunity to recycle an old necklace or fish through your grandmother’s costume jewelry.


Braids toe the line between polished and edgy.

To create this look, prep hair with a leave-in cream giving heat protection and nourishment, blow dry straight (although your hair doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth if you’re in a hurry).

Take a hazelnut size of Kerastase Baume Double Jeu and rub between your hands, this will give you some control and texture when creating your braid. Divide your hair in half at the back of the head and weave the tail into two, three-strand braids, securing the ends with an elastic band, then wrap around the head and secure with 2 bobby pins.

They don’t need to be completely invisible, it’s part of the look. To finish, pull a few wispy pieces of hair out and leave free around the face.


An updo with texture for a fresh and feminine look.

To get this look use a volumizer through the roots and power dry hair to 90 per cent dry. Then using a large round brush create your volume on the top of the head with rough-dried hair. Once dry, spritz over the ends, blasting them with the blow-dryer to create a “rough base”.

Divide the hair from top-to-back and ear-to-ear, securing and secure the top section. Lightly back comb the back section. Apply a small amount of a moulding paste in your hands and twist the hair into a knot at the nape of the neck. Secure with bobby pins.

Now backcomb the top section and repeat same action, this time twisting the hair and let it sit on top of the underneath section. Finish by raking your fingers lightly through the top and create the so texture and finish with Kerastase Laque Couture for hold.


A sleek, low knot is the perfect way to make a major fashion statement.

Begin by making a deep side part and smoothing a dab of styling cream through damp hair, flattening the hair against the head. After securing the ends into a ponytail at the nape of neck, weave the tail into a three-strand braid, coil up into a chignon and secure it with bobby pins.

For a slight difference create your chignon off to one side behind your ear. Place it on the side where you have taken most of your hair.

Finally, spray a shine serum over the whole head for a finish as smooth as ice.


Take a break from gift wrapping and wrap up your hair. It’s a lot more fun (and a lot less tedious).

Make two braids; one on either side of the head behind the hairline to just beneath the crown. Take this opportunity to use up that stretchy gift-wrapping ribbon you’ve probably got stashed in the closet.

Leave the bottom part of your hair free, and curl with a large barrel curling iron for so movement.

Spray a shine serum over the whole head for added shine and you’re good to go!

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