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The freezing temperatures of Winter are finally behind us and that means it’s time to enjoy the splendours of spring. Kick off the boots and slip into those strappy sandals or sexy stilettos as we confidently stride into Spring!

March, April and May in the Okanagan brings blooming flowers and the smell of fresh cut grass. So, to quote the English poet, Robert Herrick, “gather ye rose buds while ye may”, but it’s also time to refresh our closets and to start those home renovation projects that were left on the back burner. Never fear, OKW to the rescue with our Spring home décor section starting on page 41. Here you’ll find the help you need to make your house, a rejuvenated new home.

Speaking of transformations and refreshing our closets - take a look at our fabulous Spring makeover. Lee, our lucky winner, was pampered for the whole day. What an amazing day that was! Styled head-to-toe, coiffed hair and shimmering makeup, all helping to reveal her inner confidence and outer beauty. See pages 8-11 for the whole story. Thank you to a great team for creating a day that our lucky Lee will never forget.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so don’t miss our special gift guide section on pages 16 & 17..... because she’s worth it! We are also sharing with you some of our readers’ insights of why their Mom is Okanagan’s greatest. To read more about the nominations and their affectionate stories - visit pages 18 & 19.

And lastly, I’ll share a little behind the scenes excitement we enjoyed during pre-production. OKW ran a search to find the next face of Okanagan Woman magazine, I must say we were inundated with submissions! Once the difficult decision had been made – we had a whole lot of fun as the team went to work on creating the next Okanagan Woman cover for Spring 2017. You can read more about this on page 6.

‘Happy spring’ to all our readers, advertisers, sponsors and contributors.

Okanagan Woman wishes everyone a spring full of home decluttering, renovations and getting a little dirty
in the garden.


Suzy xx

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