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7 STEPS to Get That Summer Body

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner and the thought of getting into our swimsuits may feel slightly intimidating for many of us.

So how do we reach our fitness goals in such a short amount of time?

Well the answer is - it’s easy - if you follow these 7 steps towards achieving your desired Summer body!

So, stand up, stretch, move, shake it all about! Every morning my four-year-old and I dance in the living room to just get moving. Getting in the mindset to workout is number one.

This workout can be done anywhere, anytime. At home, at work or on vacation. All you need is less than 15 minutes every day to start feeling better in just a few weeks.

Here is your format:

Two-minute warm up, one-minute per exercise with no breaks. We want you working hard since it’s only a short workout. This is how you will burn calories and start to tone your muscles. The exercises have two moves so you are working many muscles groups at once to gain the most benefit out of such a short and effective workout. You’ll need to repeat it twice, ending with a one minute stretch.

  1. Warm Up- If you have stairs start to walk up and down them for one minute followed by 30 seconds of pushups on the wall or on the stairs, ending with 30 seconds of mountain climbers. A mountain climber is in a pushup position and held in this position as you draw one knee up towards the chest squeezing your core then switching legs. If you don’t have stairs, start with one minute of jogging on the spot

  2. Squat Lunge Combo- One squat followed by one reverse lunge. Alternating legs for the reverse lunge. When you squat keep the weight in the heels so the knees stay behind the toes.

  3. Pushup to Side Plank- one pushup followed by rotating the body to the side into a side plank. Body stays straight with one hand placed below the shoulder for support. Come back to one pushup and repeat on the other side. You can modify by doing the pushup from your knees.

  4. Jumping Jacks

  5. Superman Rolls- Laying on your belly with your palms face down extended in front of you or by your side, lift the chest off the floor and squeeze between the shoulder blades. From here, lower back down and roll over onto your back, then roll back and repeat. Option to lift legs when you lift your chest to work the glutes.

  6. Get Ups- Lay on your back and do a full sit up, from there proceed to stand. Then sit, roll back and repeat. If these are too challenging, you can do just a crunch or a full sit up.

  7. Stretch! So, so important. This helps with muscle recovery, injury prevention and is skipped

after many workouts.

We would love to see your workout photos! Hashtag #WhatMovesYou #bodyconnectionfitness #OKWFitness on all your social media postings.

Reach Jessica for more information on how to execute the exercises or home programs at info@bodyconnectionfitness.ca or www.bodyconnectionfitness.ca

Photo Credits: @capturedbygagan

Jessica Levy is a BCRPA group fitness instructor, personal trainer, pre & postnatal fitness specialist, Thai yoga stretch trainer, spin Instructor, barre instructor, 2015 bronze Best of Kelowna fitness trainer, 2016 gold personal coach & silver fitness trainer, CPR & AED certified.

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