When Dad Becomes Supermom

When Bill Dick’s wife passed away from breast cancer, he knew things would change. The full-time lawyer with Murphy Battista LLP would not only have to continue to work, but he would also take on the primary role of caregiver for his children.

Years ago, Bill first heard about the supermom. He read about supermom mothers working long hours, then coming home to assume the traditional role of cooking, cleaning and looking after the family. That concept remains fresh in Bill’s mind as he’s the only one taking care of his children, who are in grade 9 and grade 10. He has become their supermom.

"I never was a teenage girl and I'm having to deal with teenage girl issues in terms of periods and makeup," Bill explains, remembering the year he hired a makeup artist for his daughter’s birthday party.

It’s been easier with his son, he says, because they can relate more. But, that hasn’t stopped Bill from expanding himself through reading and asking for help.

“one of the things I had to learn, which was quite challenging for me, was how to accept help. For me, I have issues with this. Over time I had to realize I had to rely on people otherwise I couldn't do it."

People often tell Bill “wow I don’t know how you do it”, which makes him remember the supermom concept.

“I don't think if I was a woman, I would get that same level of accolades. People assume that women are more natural at doing that sort of thing, but I don't think that's fair. I think everyone should be complimented quite honestly because it's hard work."

In between getting his kids to school, swimming lessons, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and spending quality time with his kids, Bill is a personal injury lawyer. He believes his own personal story has made him a better lawyer.

"My job is to tell my clients story to a judge or a jury. You can tell someone’s story way better if you've lived it or understand it intimately. It has made me more passionate in understanding of what people have to do daily.”

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