Why I love MY MOM

We received so many essays of wonderful women for our Mother's Day Contest. Here are our top five picks!


Amy Rauscher is a single mom and the founder of MOGA Moms and Not A Boss Babe…… She is an incredible person and cares not only for her son Landon, but also for the other mothers and children who have found community and a sense of place and family at MOGA.

She is by far the hardest working woman I know and she does it all for the betterment of Landon and the community. Her maternal instincts and desire to help others have had such a huge impact on others, myself included, and remind me that the word 'mother' is so much more than the medical definition.

-Valaura Vedan



My name is Mat Langlois and I would like to nominate my mother Yvonne Langlois. She has been a foster parent for 15 years and has had my sister with her since she was two-years-old now being 17.

My sister ended up getting pregnant at 16 and my mom and her are now taking care of the baby. My mother does so much for so many people I feel like nothing ever comes back her way so I'd like to change that with this contest. Hopefully :)

Thank you

-Mat Langlois



My mom deserves to be celebrated. She is the most important role model in my life. She goes to the ends of the earth to show her love and support for me and my brothers. I love to spend time with her and am amazed at her boundless enthusiasm. She is always there for me, whether it be to laugh until we grip our sides in pain or be a shoulder to cry on. Her incredible instincts seem to always lead her down the path of knowing what I need.

My mother taught me some of life’s most important lessons, including to believe in myself and to reach for my dreams. From her I learned about the significance of hard work, perseverance, self worth, kindness and humility…….

-Lisa Scott



Throughout my life, I’ve had the good fortune to be surrounded by strong, smart, kind and loving women, my mother is one of these wonderful women. As many readers of this magazine will know, being the mother of three boys is not without its, let’s say, occasional challenge, but mum has always brought love, compassion, humour and kindness to her role as Jones family matriarch. She has taught all three of us boys so many invaluable life lessons, which will live with all of us for the rest of our lives.………

This Mother’s Day I want to wish my lovely mum the happiest of days, she truly deserves it. I love you, mum!

-Vincent Jones, Kelowna



This is a photo of me and my mom from a few years ago. I have a lot of photos that I have of me and my mom but this ones one of my favourites. I love my mom so much I honestly don't even know how to put it into words. She is my rock and she is the reason i am who i am today. My mom has always put me and my brother and sister first she gives us so much love and support. Her main goal is for us to feel happy and loved. She definitely makes us feel LOVED My moms done nothing but support us and stick by our sides through everything. My mom is such an inspiration to me for so many reasons for example she decided she wanted to become a nurse in her mid 40's and guess what she's the now a nurse loving her job and sharing her love and passion with her patients. She teaches us if you want something GET IT don't let anything in life stop you, and she is exactly like that herself, if my mom has a goal she WILL reach it because she is determined and stays focused. My mom is someone who is always looking on the bright side of things. When I am down my mom is right there constantly lifting me up! She is the kindest sweetest more caring person I have ever met and in the photo I’ve attached it really shows how much she loves her kids just by the look on her face. My mom has really set the bar high for me and my sister because she is the BEST mom out there and If I become half as good of a mom as she is I will be happy. No body compares to my momma. She is my world. I could honestly talk about her forever. I love her with all my heart.

I would REALLY love to win this contest for mother's day. Thank you thank you for letting us all share why we love our mommas!

- Brooke Toop


As the winner of our 2017 Mother's Day Contest, this wonderful mother received:

  • 2 year subscription to Okanagan Woman Magazine

  • Lovely bouquet from Mission Park Flowers

  • Scented candle from Okanagan Candle Company

  • $50 gift certificate from Pharmasave

  • Tea and Diffuser from David’s Tea

  • Beautiful gift basket with assorted products from the Body Shop

All gifts were generously donated by the following sponsors

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