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Fall 2017

Michelle Lima lives in West Kelowna, is a wife and mother of two, she’s fit, energetic, talented and smart. She joins some of our previously treasured Okanagan Covergirls

Here’s more of Michelle’s story…

Born in Belem do Para, The Brazilian gateway to the Amazon Forest, I grew up appreciating the beautiful and exotic nature around me, and was so lucky to be exposed to dancing, sports and local arts at a very young age.

I am thankful to my parents who taught me that family is the most important treasure a person can have. Kindness, compassion, honesty, knowledge and faith in God, were values one should always carry in your heart. As a mother I understand now, how crucial unconditional love and the feeling of belonging are for a person to be happy and emotionally healthy in life.

I admire my parents immensely. They were very studious and hardworking members of our community. My father is a retired doctor, my mom was a professor of education and sociology in the University of Para. They taught us that education and knowledge are fundamental for a harmonious world.

I devoted my life to my studies, languages, reading, dance classes, volleyball and fitness. I graduated with honors and I was ready to move towards my master’s program in linguistics and literature, then love happened! In 2001, I met my Canadian prince, Victor, we fell in love and after six months we married. We are now living happily in the stunning fairy land called The Okanagan Valley, Canada. Our sixteen years of happy marriage has been blessed with two beautiful children. I am truly grateful for the simple treasures that we have, the family we created, the precious memories we are building, our health, our community, and our home.

Fitness, dance and nutrition have always been a passion for me. As a certified Zumba and group fitness instructor, I try to inspire my family and friends to live a healthy lifestyle.

People ask me what my secret is to being so healthy and athletic at 41. The answer is exercise and nutritious food. I also weight train and find it keeps my body strong and tighter. I trained my body to eat three meals a day. I start my day with lemon water before eating, then I usually have hard boiled eggs and oatmeal with chia seeds or omelet with spinach or egg whites for breakfast. Lunch is veggies, a portion of a cup of brown rice or mixed beans or any other carbs and a fist full of a source of meat. For dinner I have soups or veggies and a bit of protein. I also try to drink 2 liters of water every day.

Balance is a big part of the secret for a healthy and happy life. The feeling of serenity and peace are achieved when we are grateful and appreciative of the simple things in life, like our good health, love, our home, food, family and our community.

Michelle’s day started with a facial from OSpa, followed with hair styling at Mirror Mirror salon. Next we met up with Jenny Mckinney to start a one and a half hour creative session on Michelle’s already beautiful face. We’ve worked with Jenny on many occasions, we love her, she’s an amazingly talented make up artist.

Our next stop was to make our way over to White Wave photography studio to meet up with photographer, Jenny Kamo. Before we start the photographic session, Michelle tries on a few fabulous outfits and finally we say “yes to the dress”! The dress we choose for the shoot is from Ten Fashions Bridal Boutique and can only be described as every girls dream wedding dress!

You might say we had our very own angel on set..

Now, all dressed up, with a diverse mix of accessories at hand, Jenny starts to click away… Jenny Kamo is a very popular and experienced portrait photographer. We are so lucky to have Jenny behind the lens, she’s such a perfectionist – and she knows exactly what we’re searching for! Jenny is a treat to watch as she puts her skills into action.

Michelle and the production team were a delight to spend the day with for our Fall 2017 front cover shoot.

Thank you all for your hard work, patience and superb individual talents.

- Suzy VB

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