Womens Intuition – our silent forces!

Once upon an ancient time ...... our sense of inner knowing or ‘women's intuition’ supported our survival. We relied on our primal instincts to guide us, however, time and technology have nudged and navigated us away from trusting in those intuitive instincts.

Women are very familiar with the term "female intuition" but we are rarely encouraged to learn about the art of accessing this secretive and veiled treasure. Those that have spent time evolving and sourcing their intuition describe it as a somewhat lonely and self conducted journey of connecting to a very special sixth sense of female "knowingness".

Intuition can be defined as our brain’s ability to understand something instinctively, while rapidly making a decision without the need for conscious reasoning. It is that very brief nanosecond of our gut reaction, when we evaluate cues surrounding us, connect to the meaning and then unconsciously respond.

When making decisions based on this mysterious feminine power; women often have difficulty explaining the process. Some describe it as hearing an inner voice that was telling them to do something and tapping into what feels like a Neanderthal-like instinct.

This inner voice is a very subtle conversation within one self that rarely includes the use of real words, here’s a few examples;

  • Have you thought of someone and then they contacted you?

  • Have you had a sense of something about to happen, before it happened?

  • Have the hairs on the back of your neck bristled and the mood of the room suddenly changed?

  • Have you made a spontaneous decision because it "felt" right - even against other's opinion and you’ve been right?

  • Do you frequently experience a great deal of coincidences?


By learning about the deeper states of intuition and consciousness we have the ability to open our subconscious minds. To do this, the first step is understanding a little bit about our different brain frequencies.

Beta: this is our normal waking state which is stress-related or goal-oriented thinking. Our brainwaves are rapid and jagged. This is when we are in a heightened state of alertness, logic and critical reasoning.

Alpha: this is when we slip into a deep relaxation state as induced by daydreaming, meditation or rhythmic activities. This is the gateway to the inner voice of intuition development. Intuitive experiences can occur at this level as the Alpha state is the bridge between the unconscious and conscious mind.

Theta: as we slip into our sub-consciousness mind, we experience deep mediation and light sleep. The boundary that lies between Alpha-Theta sleep is when we can tap into our creative minds. This is the brain wave state for optimal connection for visualizations, inspiration and creativity where we may experience intuitive insights.

Delta: is the slowest of all brain wave frequencies and is when we enter deep sleep and transcendental meditation. As we detach from awareness and step into our unconscious mind we may source intuitive information that cannot be reached at the conscious Beta level.

Gamma: the Insight Wave - is associated with bursts of insight and high-level information processing. Gamma is the brainwave state of being “in the Zone,” producing a feeling that you are capable of achieving anything.


The intellect of the human brain is phenomenal at observing the physical environment and swiftly analyzes and interprets the information attained through our five senses.

Intuition however, is very different as this sixth sense scans our surroundings and interprets the surrounding "energy" and communicates the information back in the form of physical sensations by creating a hunch or gut reaction.

“Never apologize for trusting your intuition – your brain can play tricks, your heart can blind, but your gut is always right” Author Rachel Wolchin


connecting to your primal instinct and inner voice

Connecting to that unwavering calling of your "gut reaction" can be done by tuning with meditation into both your solar plexus and third eye chakras.

The solar plexus chakra is located in your abdomen just above your belly button. It is the energy center responsible for personal power, self-esteem and the base point for sourcing your female intuition (commonly described as the "gut" reaction).

The third eye chakra is centered between your eyebrows and connected with the porthole of energy known as the invisible eye, which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. This is where the subconscious awareness of your surroundings begins.

1. PRACTICE MEDITATION - quiet your mind. Connect with your breath and relax into your body. Allow space for your intuition to develop by focussing on your third eye chakra and feeling the sensation in your naval area (solar plexus chakra). Begin by simply laying down and taking a moment to sink into yourself and feel really grounded. Place a healing crystal stone over your third eye and focus on the energy exchange needed to bring the crystal to your own body temperature. Silence the chatter of the monkey mind and open up to receiving messages from your intuitive self.

2. CALMING EXERCISE - find one. Discover an energy practice or physical exercise that helps you stay in an open and ready mental state. Find a routine that allows you to decompress from stressful situations and one that uplifts your mind. Walking mediation, yoga, or even chanting - find something that makes you happy and make it a part of your daily routine - if for only a few minutes.

3. BUFFER YOURSELF FROM COMPETITION - let go. Developing intuition is a non-competitive exploration within yourself. Double check if you sense competitive energy around you at work, play or within personal friendships. Guard your intuitive energy and release the activities or relationships that drain your inner well-being. Your intuition will speak clearly to you on this.

4. OBSERVE AND TRUST - allow sensations and hunches to percolate forward. Watch and listen for subtle messages that you might normally filter out.

5. INTUITION JOURNEY - record and write it down. This acknowledges when you pick up a knowingness, sensation, or urge to do something. Allow the sensation to land and be recorded, however small the message or feeling may be. Trust the meaning of your interpretation, the more you trust the sensations the stronger your intuition will become.

6. SPEND TIME ALONE - take some down-time to re-align with your inner SELF and recharge. Intuitive people gather and collect the energy from others and generally find large noisy crowds, social gatherings and public events over-stimulating. Finding quiet time and practising solitude strengthens your ability to focus and listen to your intuition. Unplug from the business of life, slip into the sensation of your skin and connect to your own silent language and ancient wisdoms.

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