Honeymoon Mead

Family-owned and operated in the Okanagan for 20 years, Planet Bee

Honey Farm offers visitors Educational Presentations, a Honey Health Boutique, and over 20 varieties of honey.

They also produce Mead - an alcoholic beverage made from honey.

Honeymoon Meadery opened within Planet Bee 5 years ago, and offers a selection of hand-crafted meads, or honey wines, for tasting and purchasing in store. All Honeymoon Mead begins with the fermentation of local B.C honey and water, with additions such as spice and fruit. They offer flavours such as Blushing Cherry, Raspberry Romance, and Okanagan Delight just to name a few and no, they aren’t all as sweet as you might think!

Mead is one of the oldest known alcoholic beverages to man. It’s newfound resurgence can be linked to the growing interest in craft beverages as well as the popularity of TV shows such as Game of Thrones and Vikings. One of the questions most asked is simply - how do you make Mead? To put it in basic terms, let’s compare mead to wine. All that is needed to make alcohol is a fermentable sugar - and honey provides a great balance of fermentable sugars.

Instead of grape juice, Mead making begins with a honey and water mixture. This provides the sugar which feeds the yeast and in turn creates alcohol. As long as the basic ingredients are honey and water, mead makers are able to create unique flavours by adding fruit, spices, or even vanilla and orange peel. Mead can be more like beer when hops or malt are added, or more like cider when honey and apples are fermented as one.

In addition to having been a historical drink of choice for Medieval Kings and Vikings - it was thought that consuming Mead for one cycle of the moon following a marriage would increase the couples’ odds of conceiving a son - hence the term Honeymoon actually meant the period of time when a couple would consume copious amounts of Mead following their wedding.

While Mead can be enjoyed lightly chilled, as colder weather settles in we recommend trying a spiced Mead warmed up and served with a cinnamon stick.

What better way to see what the Buzz is about than sipping Mead at the Honeymoon Meadery in-store tasting bar!

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