Biophilia Tower Power


The innate desire and human inclination to commune with nature and other forms of life is known as biophilia.

Biophilia includes natural light, plant material and vegetation, organic materials, natural views and other experiences of the natural world being assimilated into the enclosed man-made environment. Currently, statistics show that over half of the world's population now lives and works in urban areas; by 2050 it is estimated that number will increase to two-thirds.

We are all hungry for healthy change on many levels in our personal lifestyle. A current trend can help us explore, learn and create while expanding on our own health, wellness and personal growth journey.

The 100 Mile healthy food movement that started right here in BC advocates eating locally grown food within a 100 mile radius of our own personal residence. It is astonishing to reveal our vegetable produce travels on average 1500 km from California's garden belt to reach our corner grocery store. We can take a giant green leap forward with a ZERO KM approach in our food chain; where we can take control and individually reap the benefits of growing our daily green veggies within the confines of our homes.

Tower Power gardening is on the rise - in every sense of the word. This sustainable and fiscally smart concept brings a vertical farm into your home. A tower garden is an indoor growing system that promotes growing edible plants, veggies, herbs and flowers in an area of approximately three square feet. Perfect for a balcony in the summer, a tower garden sits on a caster platform and can be rolled indoors during the fall/winter/spring season making the miniature upright garden operational all year long. The various grow-op systems such as Mr. Stacky, Foody Vertical Gardens, Flower Tower, HyrdoFarm and Tower Garden are readily found online as are eco-oriented options for the home-crafted inspirationista.


Growing a vertical green garden of edible produce just makes good common sense. There are additional points to consider as you start up your own green tower of power.

TRUST: You know what you've grown. No added chemicals, pesticides or preservatives are needed.

FRESHNESS: Produce is easy to harvest and serve at home when it is growing there.

FLAVOUR: Nothing beats the rich flavour of home grown greens.

QUALITY: The soil, seed, and water supply in your greens are self selected.

REDUCED DETECTIVE WORK: There is less reading and deciphering of labels for hidden preservatives and contaminants.

NUTRITIONAL VALUE: Home-grown is bursting with valuable minerals and nutrients.

ECOLOGICAL SAVVY: Growing your own greens saves wear and tear on our beloved planet.

FINANCIAL FUNDS: You save on your gas and grocery bill.

TIME SAVER: Saves you time and personal effort going to buy groceries.

LESS GREEN GUILT: Green guilt is decreased when composting veggies that have past their expiry date.

PERSONAL SATISFACTION: Adds a whole new dimension to your pyschological and physical well-being.

POSITIVE ATMOSTPHERE: Your home is your primary biosphere; improve the air quality by greening it up!


GREENS: salad greens, mescalun blends, green onions, tomatoes, radishes, peas, green beans, garlic, onions, beets, kale, spinach, rocket, asian greens, broccoli, squash, swiss chard

HERBS:lovage, rosemary, thyme, dill, cilantro, chives, parsley, oregano, basil, savory, peppermint

EDIBLE FLOWERS: violas, nasturtiums, pansy, roses, cornflower, sunflower

JOYFUL PLANTS: jasmine, sage, ivy, lavender, roses, spider plant, jade plant,

sweet peas, orchids, shrimp plant ( a personal favorite)

SUPERFOODS: (add to your smoothies) chia, sprouts, golgi berries, aloe vera

The greenalicious rewards that you reap can be used in your next dragon or buddha bowl. The succulent macrobiotic meal is a superb way of enjoying your biophilia home-grown greens. Add some home-made miso sauce and you are circulating pure green gold through your digestive tract, veins and brain. The dangerously addictive flavours add a yin-yang measurement of simple goodness to your heart happiness.

We can individually reap the benefits of growing our daily green veggies within the confines of our homes.

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