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Summer, a great time for dreaming!

Julie Masi shares her story with us and how she continues to live the dream right here in the Okanagan. But we all love to dream, so we couldn’t stop there! This issue is full of passionate dreamers who made it happen for themselves, and articles and ideas from those who can help take you on journeys to follow your own dreams…. whether it be personal goals, your wedding, your career, or that fabulous dream vacation. We have you set for the season!

Have a love for fashion and glamour? For all our Divine Diva’s, we have the new trends on shoes, swimwear and clothing… and show how you can ‘camp out’ in a glamourous fashion today.

The key to a healthy lifestyle is balance. That also happens to be the key to Stand-up Paddle boarding. Coincidence? I think not! See our SUP article on page 20 and read about the benefits.

Vitamin D is a must for our skin and we get a lot of it from the sun… but alas, as we expose more of our skin to the elements it can also speed up the aging process. Learn how to protect and replenish your body’s largest organ on page 16.

With life expectancies on the rise and young adults staying at home longer - what is the Sandwich Generation to do? Deanna Rainy and Meagan MacDonald have some advice for you and options for your family’s emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing.

You can’t buy happiness they say, but you can buy local! Check out some of the amazing and diverse local businesses we have to offer in this great Valley.

And as always, we couldn’t resist bringing some sizzling, fresh summer recipes to the table!



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