Enlightened or Entitled?

Are we spoiling our children with travel? Are you frustrated by their lack of enthusiasm when you announce your next family vacation? Wouldn’t you have been absolutely over the moon if your parents had treated you to such an adventure? WHAT'S CHANGED?

The Mexico I took my kids to is a far cry from the Mexico of today. As a family, we would stay in hotels, but meals were taken outside the resort and shopping for snacks at local markets was a daily event. The kids played soccer on the beach with the local children and we interacted with everyday life in the destination. Sure, we had to worry a bit about the water and of course we dealt with the odd bout of tummy troubles, but the kids thought of it all as one big adventure. I especially remember shopping at a market with my then 8-year-old son. As I paid for the groceries a young boy of the same age was bagging our purchases.

“Why is he working Mom?”

“Because he has to help his family sweetie.” was my answer. “I guess I shouldn’t complain about doing the dishes anymore huh?” he said.

All inclusive resorts changed the face of travel in a very big way. The focus shifted from the destination to the resort itself. How many pools, how many restaurants, what kind of entertainment? Children today stay within the confines of a sterilized, Disney-like atmosphere with staff attending to their every beck and call. A vacation devoid of any real Mexican, Dominican or say Jamaican influence whatsoever. It’s no wonder that kids today are far more concerned with WIFI connectivity than experiencing a new and different culture.

There are several reasons why Guided Travel is a perfect way to experience a new destination with your loved ones.

EFFORTLESS: All the planning and logistics are handled by someone else. You are free to enjoy your time with your children. There’s no bickering about what to do next as the itinerary has already been planned out by experienced “family friendly” Tour Guides. Luggage, meals, tipping and transportation all smoothly and efficiently handled.

INSIDER ACCESS: As an individual, you would never have access to some of the incredible inclusions offered by a good family Travel Advisor. Special detail has been implemented to make sure that the activities are interesting to kids and adults alike.

SEE AND DO MOOR: Make the most of your valuable time. On a professionally guided family tour the guesswork has been removed. The Tour Director knows the best time to visit certain sites to avoid the line ups. They know how long it will take to get from point A to point B. The itinerary flows seamlessly and you can relax and truly enjoy the time with your family.

CONNECTING WITH OTHER FAMILIES: What better way to keep siblings from arguing than by distracting them with other like-minded families? Travelling to new destinations and bonding over a shared adventure is a wonderful way to make new friends for both adults and children alike. The pressure is off you to be the source of inspiration and fun every day!

Travel ideally is meant to broaden the mind and to expose the individual to different ideas and cultural experiences; to connect through our differences and understand diversities; to teach resourcefulness and encourage self-confidence.

Perhaps its time to consider travel that will engage your children with a sense of adventure and connectivity to the actual destination. An opportunity to create some lifelong memories.

There are family tour suppliers for every budget and most every continent, so regardless of where you go, or how you choose to travel, a family vacation is a wonderful opportunity to expose your children to new cultural experiences and diversities. For a sense of “giving back” during your vacation, consider including a visit to a local orphanage, animal shelter or conservation project and perhaps volunteer some of your time. Don’t be surprised if this turns into the highlight of the trip.

An experienced and professional Travel Advisor is a valuable asset in determining the best tour supplier suited to your family’s needs and can be an excellent resource in providing information on reputable charitable organizations in-destination.

Memorable moments are created through connection to each other and your surroundings. Without the connection… there is no magic!

Joy McGinnis

Luxury Travel Designer

Direct: 250 317 3121

Office: 778 478 2928



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