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Wood nymphs and wilderness sirens are awake and they beckon us gently to come forth and play. Now is the time to turn our thoughts toward planning our summer vacation while embracing one of Canada's favorite past times - camping in the out of doors.

Camping and wilderness are two essential ingredients in the recipe of our national heritage.

The majority of us have donned a pioneering adventure hat and ventured forth to explore our seemingly endless and expansive Canadian backyard.

A real and truly genuine Canadian camping experience requires an early morning wake up inside a dank and somewhat smelly flannel lined sleeping bag. Included in this outdoor experience are the early morning sounds of the wild permeating through the thin protective envelope of fabric known as a tent. The hum of pesky mosquitoes hunting for any exposed flesh is a musical note familiar to all Canadian campers. Camping rites of passage require that you must yearn for an early morning coffee served in bed while supplementing body warmth with layers of thermal wear. Added to the morning rite of passage is the proverbial "discovery trek" while wandering about the campground in search of the public washroom facilities.

Mandatory to the trek: one must embrace the immediate beauty of the "au natural" environment that surrounds you. And of course, stepping into a Canadian camping experience is "all inclusive" of a different sort. You get what you get; be it rain or shine.

The latest Royal family engagement has currently captured global intrigue with the world's most eligible prince proposing to his, now, bride while "glamping" on safari in Botswana. As their romantic announcement unfolded; public interest was keen to follow. The buzz has been tweeted and blogged world-wide with glamour camping or "glamping" now being favored as the next adventure pursuit for outdoor enthusiasts. From yurts to tree houses - alternative options for adventure vacation accommodations are rapidly being sought out.

Glamping "extreme" facilities, from shabby chic shacks to magnificent outdoor skybeds, are mushrooming around the world.

For those needing a comfortable bed, a shower, and a roof high enough to stand up inside, one can go glamping in a yurt, ice castle, igloo, spirit biosphere, nomadic teepee or retro airstream camper. Glamping hosts offer their guests a unique and often eco-eccentric trek into the wilds of the unknown, while polishing off some of the rough and tough edges commonly associated with camping.

Key to the adventure of a glamping travel expedition is that it requires very little effort on behalf of the glamper. One does not have to own, buy or tow along any camping gear and the ensuing entourage. Gone are the preamble requirements of borrowing, buying and packing up camping gear; as is sorting out the jumble of stuff upon arrival at your destination. From the cook stove, sink, cooking gear, cooler, lanterns, blankets, pillows and thermal air rest sleeping mattresses through to the tent, tarp and camp chairs, the glamping host provides all the essentials with the value added bonus of pampered elegance. All the glamper needs to pack are their adventure clothes, select toiletries (for some of us, this includes our favourite lipsticks), a good book and to harbour a quest for fun and adventure.

The glamping promise includes a high quality "sleep under the stars" experience in chic, stylish and unique accommodations that are creatively integrated with the overall eco-experience. One can anticipate an electrical kettle with an offering of morning beverages within easy reach and a well-stocked bar fridge nearby. Electricity and real linens are provided along with innovative, private and eco-sensitive washrooms. Glamping generally requires little or no boy scout skills and participation is open to anyone hosting an adventurous spirit.

Glamping is the polar opposite of staying in a homogenized hotel room at a large conglomerate resort property, and generally more price savvy than staying in three-star hotel accommodations. For the budget conscious, a campsite itself is affordable, however, the cost and investment into decent camping gear can add up very quickly for the neophyte adventurist. Factored into the camping equation is the post getaway time needed for cleaning up the gear, not to mention committing storage space for it and then stowing it all away.

With a little creative research on the internet, glamping accommodations can be found that address modest budgets or extravagant escapades.

Glamping destinations are often remotely located and off the grid. With the surrounding environments and all that exposure to fresh air, your wellness and personal rejuvenation becomes inevitable, and with rejuvenation - an eco-awareness and appreciation of your surroundings follows. Witnessing firsthand that the rawness of nature is extreme super food for your mind, spirit and soul.

Much of the fun of glamping is in planning the holiday and then taking it. Vacations are about taking time out for you, stepping away from the ordinary day-to-day stuff and experiencing something exciting with family, chosen friends, or travelling neophytes. Glamping is about adding a pinch of panache to an extra special getaway that includes a few unexpected luxurious pleasures. Glamping rules are extremely easy to follow as there simply are no rules. Just relax and unwind, catch the sunrise, savour the sunset, soak up the sun, snuggle up by a fire, laugh a lot and graciously enjoy the adventure of making some amazing memories.

Happy Glamping!

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