Rosé Revolution Continues

Just as the fragrant blossoms of spring fill the air with excitement, the team at the BC Wine Information Centre anxiously awaits the arrivals of the “pinks”.

Boasting a wide range of colors from the palest blush to the brightest cherry color, this pretty wine category is rapidly gaining respect.

Kayla Sahara, BC VQA Wine Expert explains, “We need to re educate people that Rosé wines are no longer the sweet fruit bombs of yesteryears. After all, this is 2018 – the winemaker’s gift to you is a perfectly balanced swirl of summer where a variety of styles are available to suite every palate. More BC producers are making them wonderfully crisp with higher acid that allows for a great food and wine pairing experience.”

Wine can be intimidating and we need to embrace the fact you will never likely know it all and that no question is a stupid question…So, let’s start with the basics.

What is a Rosé Wine?

Typically, there are three ways to make a Rosé and they are as follows:


The skins of a red grape are left in contact with the juice until the winemaker has decided enough color and the desired flavour profiles have been extracted. This is the most common method of crafting a Rosé wine.


The juice is created by letting the weight of the full cluster of berries crush the fruit. The juice is then separated and undergoes fermentation. Usually, the depth of color will be very light but is dependent on the length of time the skins of the grape are in contact with the juice. The balance of the juice goes on to make a concentrated wine.

TIP: Saignee wines are usually the best quality and most expensive of Rosé Wines.

BLENDING METHOD. This is where the juice from a red wine is blended with a white wine.

TIP: We encourage our customers to enjoy their Rosé wines within one to two years. Rosé is meant to be enjoyed young and generally does not improve with age.

Much of the wines carried in our boutique come from small producers, not generally available in many retail stores. Our team, has selected the following Rosé wines for your enjoyment:

  • Culmina Saignée (pronounced ‘sonyay’)

  • Seven Directions Rosé

  • La Vieux Pin Rosé

  • Liber Winery Rosé

  • Bartier Brothers Rosé

  • Roche Rosé

  • Tightrope Rosé

Call or stop by for a visit to have wine de-mystified.

We promise to make your ‘Personal Shop’ at our boutique a great step forward in your lifelong journey of learning about wine.

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