It’s all in the Fit ..  BRA-VO!

From rustling rice to soft silicone … breast forms have changed greatly over the years.

Ladies have told us how “Caring husbands gave the wife buckshot to put into a handful of cotton batten to fill the cup of her bra” ” Many ladies found a use for the “single sock” we all have!

It is generally 4 – 8 weeks after surgery that a woman is ready for her fitting.

When ladies first come they are a bit apprehensive…. Not knowing “what’s next?” Our fitters take a few minutes to chat & ask if there are any questions or concerns she has. Cost is often one of the first questions. All of us in BC are covered by BC’s FAIR Pharmacare Program. Many ladies are not familiar with this. A woman who has had a mastectomy is “eligible” for a prostheses every 2 years through Pharmacare. The amount that is covered by Pharmacare is based on her income. Once she has reached the current years deductible with medical expenses – Pharmacare starts contributing. We are connected to Pharmacare and can do this billing when the client is in the store. Some ladies will also have extra coverage through extended health care plans.

Then the most important part of the visit begins.

Finding the right bra. The bra must be a good fit! With the right bra, when the breast form is inserted everything will be comfortable. A good fitting bra will help prevent neck and shoulder pain and often posture is immediately improved. If you have heard that breast prostheses are heavy … almost always the bra is not a good fit. Some of the older silicone forms were quite heavy, but there are several choices of prostheses with different weights now. Some are very light!

There does need to be a certain amount of weight to the form to match the drape of your natural breast. All that is decided while trying the different choices offered with your “new bra”. If you have heard that a friend had hers fall out while gardening … quite positive we need to blame the bra for that!!

Post-mastectomy bras all have soft pockets in them and the breast form slips inside the pocket. Some ladies have their favorite “traditional” bra that is a good fit and choose to put a pocket into it & some ladies just slip the form in on its own!

Sports bras & swimwear are also designed with pockets!

- Susan Wort

Owner Fashion Foundations.

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