Thrive the Holidays

Having Seconds May Actually Help You Lose Weight! And no, this is not a misprint.

Don’t just survive, THRIVE THE HOLIDAYS!

Unfortunately, many people are still under the impression they need fewer meals in order to lose or maintain their weight when really it’s all about the balance. And, as winter through to spring is literally an entire season of food, why not find out how to master those meals rather than skip them.

Beginning with Christmas and stretching clear through until Easter in April this chunk of the calendar is chock full of one indulgent celebration after the other.

Just the thought of all those dinners, parties, and occasions for indulgence have some people loosening that top button already. Without a plan to navigate the many feast-ive occasions, you may take off the layers of clothing in spring but still have some insulation around the middle.

There are a few easy things you can do to set yourself up to win in an effort to keep those unwanted pounds off your waistline when it comes to all those dinners and parties.

  1. NEVER ARRIVE HUNGRY. Skipping lunch, or worse, not eating all day in anticipation of that dinner out doesn’t do your body any favours. Starving yourself all day causes the body to burn muscle and slow metabolism.

  2. PAIR ALCOHOL WITH FOOD. If the event includes dinner, waiting to have that glass of wine with food will go a long way to keep blood sugar balanced and avoiding fat storage. For those gatherings that are not a full-on meal and you still want to have an alcoholic bevvy, look for the snack table and choose a few slices of meat or cheese, or grab a handful of nuts to munch on while sipping. The protein and fat work to balance the carbohydrates in the alcohol, helping to minimize the blood sugar spike and subsequent fat storage that always accompanies alcohol.

  3. WATER IS A MUST. Hydrating well before arriving at the party and remembering to drink water throughout the evening and following any alcohol, goes a long way to flushing out excess salt and sugar in the food as well as any alcohol from your system. And as all of those things cause the body to retain bloat and waste, you’ll do well to get rid of them.

  4. BE CHOOSY. If you decide to take the off-plan route and indulge in dessert, choose one that really and truly appeals to you. Something you’ve always wanted to try, or is your favourite. In doing this, studies show that having one small dessert of something you’ve really been looking forward to, will likely satisfy and you will not feel the need for seconds.

  5. PFC YOUR PLATE. The better we are at keeping our bodies in balance and our blood sugar stable, the more successful we will be at keeping the weight off. For those new to PFC, it stands for Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates. Yes, we do need carbohydrates, the fruit and veggie kind. And yes, fruits and veggies are carbohydrates.

So, whether you’re ordering off a menu, or it happens to be a self-serve buffet, being mindful to ensure all three PFCs make it onto your plate. Filling the space with extra steamed veg or salad if need be, keeps your metabolism turned on and burning fat.Taking it a step further and eating PFC every three to four hours throughout the day allows your body to burn fat all day long.And wouldn’t you rather emerge in the spring looking lean and feeling energized and not like you’re storing up for hibernation?

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO GET STARTED. Regardless where you are in your weight loss or health journey, if you’re ready to take back control of your health, book your complimentary health assessment – in person or online – with Tania today.

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