Home is where the ART is

Creating an artful home with a collection of one-of-a-kind treasures makes a home an extension of yourself.

An art collection may consist of sculptures brought home from special journeys and collaborations created by your home’s little and big hands. Possibly included in this collection is a painting inherited from a grandparent or acquired at a local art auction. An art collection grows and changes with you, although sometimes it happens that something no longer quite represents the entire you. Perhaps you rebuild, or declutter and downsize, and your art collection needs a facelift.

This is an excellent time to venture out to local art galleries and custom framers. Your grandmother’s oil painting deserves new appreciation by way of a contemporary new frame. Your child’s set of drawings can be framed in similar frames and hung in a ‘gallery’ hallway. There are all types of frame choices with budget friendly solutions to give a collection new life.

It’s also an exciting challenge to have a blank wall in your home that needs something. Visiting your local public and commercial art galleries will help you to know what you really love and what size will best fit. Many people are visual thinkers. By stepping into art galleries and visiting community art shows, you can build a soft and gradual appreciation for an artist’s particular style, or find yourself in pure love, boldly and ecstatically, at first sight.

Building an appreciation for art starts with encouraging it in the family.

Bringing your children to art workshops, shows and galleries can be a very positive, artful experience. Ask your children to walk around a gallery at their own pace and decide on their favourite piece of art to share with you. Ask them to explain their choice and listen to their ideas. Perhaps something in the gallery inspires them to draw or paint what they saw. This keeps children engaged and included, comfortable and not anxious. They will be building their own artful homes and sharing their enthusiasm for creativity with their own children someday.

How do you know if a piece is right?

You’ll know. Ask to take it home on approval and observe how its colours change dramatically throughout the day with the type of lighting, depending on where the windows are and the time of day. The cool morning sunlight breathes life into it and the warm afternoon sun makes it dance. Inside spotlights are great at highlighting a painting’s features so consider the importance of good lighting especially when building or remodeling.

Many galleries offer interest-free payment plans to purchase something you fall in love with (but can’t afford to splurge on) over time. Let your art collection be an expression of what you love most, welcoming you home.

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