Cover Story - Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes…

Says our cover girl, Candice Melwicks with a radiant smile as she explains that she is now unconditionally enthusiastic about life!

However, that was not always the case. Candice left her home town in Saskatchewan after miserable high school years during which she was bullied and made to feel like an outcast mostly because she is very tall and maybe because of her ethnicity, Candice is a mix of Metis and German. Contrarily, that height and a beautiful face helped her secure modeling work in Edmonton where she began her determined road to set goals with timelines to succeed personally and professionally.

Candice is very involved with The CMolik Foundation that provides opportunities for BC youth who have experienced adversity in their lives. Rooted in a profound belief in the power of education to transform lives, the group supports undergraduate and post secondary training, field trips, summer camps and mentorship to help the development of young people.

Candice is also the Chapter Manager of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a global network that helps business leaders grow and learn through direct peer-to-peer experiences. The local Chapter (with thirty members) meets monthly for confidential sharing sessions and has an annual retreat. Members travel world-wide to conferences, for example across Canada and Asia. For more information about the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, log on to their website at

Move with Candice

Candice is for sure a mover and shaker! She likes to be always doing something different and unique, and to stand out. For her, a no is always a maybe! She believes in living in the moment and giving where she can, making other people’s happiness a priority. She loves to urge people to explore, learn and grow at any age – to find their own superpower and put it to work.

Her next challenge is to develop a plan to help the homeless: “We go about our days not giving attention to the people aimlessly walking our streets, like they’re invisible.” Remembering what it felt like to be vulnerable, Candice doesn’t think our government programs are working and vows to take action to put our tax dollars to more efficient use. Her personal growth plan includes running for civic election so that she can be in a better position to give back to the community and influence planning.

Currently a Realtor here in Kelowna, she enjoys our Okanagan lifestyle with her husband Michael and their three-year-old son Schafer. Her family loves to travel and they enjoy being members of the Kelowna Yacht Club. Candice likes country music and also values fun times with her girlfriends “because belonging to a girl group is important to me” says Candice. She is very disciplined about her personal regime for fitness and health; she applies herself to yoga and paddle boarding. Candice is very mindful of what she and her family eat, taking care to read labels and buy organic whenever possible. She grazes during the day on fruit, veggies and nuts, drinks smoothies and ensures suppers are nutritious. She employs a full-time nanny to help balance work and homelife and looks forward to playing with Shafer at the end of her busy day!

Life is good now and I wouldn’t have it any other way, says Candice.



On the Cover:

Charcoal turtle neck viscose sweater elegantly worn with a belted paper-bag-waist gaucho pant in fabulous cinnamon crepe satin. Both pieces are from the new Autumn collection at RW&CO. boutique, located in Orchard Park Shopping Centre, Kelowna.

Mink coloured wool hat with satin band is a vintage piece from GYPSY SOUL, Kelowna.

Accessories and styling - Okanagan Woman.

Inside look:

Black silk V neck sleeveless top, worn with a black chic pencil skirt with high side slit, both courtesy of RW&CO. boutique, located in Orchard Park Shopping Centre, Kelowna.

Accessories and styling - Okanagan Woman.

Georgia Café kindly provided a variety of hot and cold cut sandwiches and natural beverages for us to enjoy during the shoot. Georgia Café is located in the mission at 107 - 3330 Richter Street, Kelowna.

Featuring Eastern European food favorites such as Perogies & Cabbage Rolls. Traditionally made fresh daily soup and sandwiches, also serving locally roasted coffee from Pioneer Gourmet.

Open Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm. Phone: 778 478 0969

Okanagan Mission Community Hall Association provided us with the location for our shoot. The hall is equipped with new hardwood floors, a full kitchen and a variety of textiles and props. Beverley Dawe, the manager, was amazing to work with and very helpful and accommodating before and during the shoot.

For your events, check out the ‘big red barn’ located at 4409 Lakeshore Road, Kelowna.

Phone: 250 764 7477

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