Tokyo 2020 - One Woman’s Olympic Dream

Eiren Crawford is a BC born and raised Canadian Dressage rider with International experience at the highest levels.

Eiren grew up with horses and has dreamed of representing Canada at the Olympics since she was a young girl. In 2002, Eiren left Canada for Europe to work for Olympian, Ingrid Klimke, in Germany. This catapulted her journey, taking her to some of the best equestrian locations in America and Europe. Working for, and learning from four Olympians, she was privy to some of the world’s best training and developed her technique to bring horses to the highest levels while maintaining a positive spirit.

Over the past five years she has proven her skills in the most difficult competitions in the US, finishing with top placings at internationally sanctioned competitions in Wellington, Florida, Devon (PA), Temecula and Sacramento (Calif).

During the years away she has continued to return to BC and the Prairies to support the dressage community with ongoing clinics and educational opportunities. In 2018, Eiren moved back to Canada with the goal of focusing on her Olympic dream while helping to develop future local dressage riders.

For those of you who are dressage enthusiasts some of the other Olympians Eiren has worked with and/or received training from include: Ashley Holzer, Canada; Lars Pederson, Denmark; Morten Thompson, Denmark; Ingrid Klimke, Germany and our own Leslie Reid from B.C.


Eiren has been partnered with her Olympic hopeful, Godot SSF, an eight year old Dutch Warmblood gelding for the past five years.

Godot has shown incredible talent earning praise from international judges for his training, his potential and the harmony in the relationship he has with Eiren.

Dressage Canada has invited Eiren to join the elite ranks of other Canadian Olympic hopefuls - the journey for this group is long, arduous and expensive. The majority of qualifying opportunities for Canada’s Olympic Dressage Team take place in Wellington, Florida between January and March 2020, then North Carolina in April and Ontario in May.

Eiren has an incredible work ethic, she is humble and she is focused. Over the years she has slept in her own horse trailer in an effort to make this dream a reality. It is not every day that the qualities and riding competency Eiren possesses are partnered with an animal of Olympic quality. Eiren needs our financial assistance to help make this dream a reality… and we can be rest assured that Eiren will serve the Canadian Olympic dressage team with honour and integrity.


please contact: Anna Hunt-Binkley at or phone: 250-862-6797.

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