The Power of 2020

With the prophecy of perfect vision as our harbinger to the arrival of a new decade; how we face the future can be ours to determine. Individually and collectively we can take a viewpoint for 2020 that is based on POSITIVITY AND JOYFUL ANTICIPATION.

By creatively working with a psychological practice known as mind mapping, we can establish a positive frame of mind as we propel forward into 2020. This visually pictorial technique helps to enlist a mindset by graphically representing ideas within an image collage; also known as a concept board.

A mind map/concept board helps to formulate our thoughts and ideas with the quick assembly of graphic images and words. The free-form layout allows us to quickly generate, analyze and synthesize new concepts and thoughts towards our future steps in life.

One of the key ingredients to 20/20 mind mapping, is to

encourage and conjure up the wild child within us.

The creative process is based on the recruitment of spontaneous thinking, by allowing freewheeling ideas to percolate forward, random thoughts spawn more creative energy, which in turn can lead to amazing feats of intense creativity.


Mind mapping is a method of ‘thought catching’; essentially taking a creative journey that is impulsive and speaks to our inner primal urges and desires. The core belief within mind mapping lies in ‘anything goes’ - so let your imagination rip! While being self tailored and channelled by your inner warrior - the end results are often very foretelling and clairvoyantly super-POWER-full!

Start by finding a focal point image to represent the key driver to what you are trying to convey in your ideal 2020 future. Continue to add color, symbols, words and vibrant images that establish associations while developing this creative visual journal. Each image conveys intent and meaning; allowing the process to grow and naturally flow.

The secret ingredient in generating a 20/20 mind map is to add a splash of humour and take a light-hearted approach while evolving through the metamorphic phase.

Humour is a very creative art form in itself, as it promotes divergent thinking; a highly valued characteristic of creativity. Using the element of humour helps us to counterbalance anxiety, grief and depression while polishing off some of the barbs of life's current affairs. Studies have shown that the simple act of smiling helps to boost your mood, while laughter helps to untangle jangled nerves and melt away stress. Giggling stimulates the interior belly organs, improves immunity and is a well-known pain reliever.

Being funny is an entertainment craft well-honed by professional comedians in order to help us see the brighter and lighter side of life. While viewing how the world turns, comedians are masterminds in articulating situational absurdity. Learning to laugh at yourself in awkward situations helps to break down personal defensive barriers and develop greater self-confidence.

The discovery process is that, with a humorous view of our future, new friendships will evolve that are enriched with laughter.

By lowering stress and challenging our guards to negativity, we signal to

our social tribe that we are all collectively in a safer place... that in

itself is a very good inspiration as we embrace the year 2020! W

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