Spring 2020 Cover Story

Cindy Shaw was born in Edmonton, Alberta, before settling in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in 2007.

Cindy is a certified Amen Clinic Brain Health Coach, Neurolinguistic Practitioner & Hypnotherapist. She is the author of "Authentic Success" and "Everyday Gratitude". She is also an experienced, engaging speaker and Certified Trainer.

“As CEO of Headways Performance Group, Cindy draws upon the latest research in neuroscience, brain health, positive psychology, and other modalities to empower, educate and inspire others to optimize their mental, emotional and physical performance.” www.headwaysgroup.com

“Accept what is, this too shall pass. Our ups and downs are only a state of mind!” quotes Cindy.

Cindy is happily married to her ‘dream guy’, Drew, and has been for over 20 years. She loves spending time with her husband golfing, snowshoeing and taking their new puppy, Charlie, for a walk. Together they share two beautiful daughters who are now both in their late teens. As a close family unit, they enjoy travelling abroad, most recently, to Australia and Bora Bora.

In her own space, Cindy gets excited about learning, she enjoys reading books about personal development, autobiographies and historical fiction.

She loves to ‘dive in deep’, especially when it comes to science and teaching others about brain health; how to mentally, physically, emotionally live a better life without personally sabotaging their own success. After discovering Dr. Amen’s work, based upon neuroscience, Cindy discovers ‘out of your pain, comes your greatest purpose.’

Cindy shares how her own struggles with mental health including periods of depression, anxiety and intense brain fog, lead her to, not only learn about brain health, but to become more conscious and aware of who she really is; and ultimately, choose to live a life that she is proud of.

Cindy explains how she ‘manifested her dream life.’ She manifested her loving/supportive husband, her kind/respectful children, her beautiful dream home, and her exciting dream job. She visualizes herself living her dreams before they happen, through mindful meditation and vision boards. She then watches her best life unfold before her eyes.

Cindy prioritizes each day to allow for her own inner wisdom to have space. By dedicating 10 – 20 minutes each morning or evening to ‘slow down, in order to accelerate forward.’ She references, there are 1440 minutes in each day and 10 minutes equates to less than one percent of our day. She believes this focused one percent, can influence the other ninety-nine percent of our day.

Cindy agrees that mediation retrains the brain to be more focused in a hectic world. Taking this time just for herself, allows her to be more present, more calm, more empathetic and more compassionate towards herself and others! W

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