Okanagan Woman Magazine - the glossy for      omen!

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Okanagan Woman Magazine has been the most effective way of advertising in Sleepy’s history! I believe it is due to their quality, their superior team and their focus on the true demographics they serve. I have never seen such a return on my investment. We have run our full page advertorials for over 6 issues now and I am very happy that Okanagan Woman Magazine gets my message across!


“Okanagan Woman is the best venue for advertising in the Okanagan hands down!”

- Geoff McLeary

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Okanagan Woman has been an excellent marketing tool for my business. I have had women from out of town come to Strut with the latest edition in hand, sticky note on our page, saying “I came to Kelowna today to find you and to purchase some shoes.” Measurable results. Customers are always commenting that they see our ad in Okanagan Woman.


The team that we work with and share our vision with is creative and fabulous; thank you to Suzy and Shannon for making this partnership such a great fit for Strut Footwear!

- Shandi Schwartz

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Advertising in Okanagan Woman magazine really works! We see real results which is why we are a long-term advertiser.


OKW speaks to our demographic, it’s a quality magazine with a wide reach across the Valley and our marketing campaign brings customers to our door consistently driving sales. Without a doubt, Okanagan Woman magazine works for us!           

- Erin Gartner

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We started advertising with Okanagan Woman Magazine over 2 years ago. We wanted to specifically target the women of the Okanagan, knowing that they are influential and usually the family decision makers!


“We’ve seen the magazine grow in both popularity and quality over the last year”

- Ingrid Dilschneider


We’re often asked how our fashion boutique in Armstrong in able to sustain itself .. and we always say, “It’s because we advertise in Okanagan Woman Magazine.” We’ve been advertising in the magazine from the very first issue. Our ads are seen up and down the entire valley so we draw customers from all over the Okanagan.


“It’s a woman’s magazine and that’s why it works for us”

- TJ Wallis

Advertising with Okanagan Woman Magazine has been truly successful. The pieces featured in OKW were sold out within a week of the magazine hitting the streets. It was amazing for me to have to tell my customers who came to the store looking for the beautiful fur collared coat and handbags that we were completely sold out!


“Both pieces featured in Okanagan Woman Magazine were sold out within a week.”


- Marie-Yvonne Cleaver

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